The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly – Week of 12/31/2012

The Good

The Bad

  • AIG announces a PR campaign to “thank” the taxpayer for their most generous bailout. DS Wright at FDL 1-1-2013
  • The only thing keeping this from being Ugly is that it’s speculation. William Cohan reports that Geithner may be a possible nominee to replace Bernanke when his term as Fed Chair ends. Bloomberg 12/24/12

The Ugly

  • Very Ugly. The S.E.C. opens the floodgates for bank commodity trading. Lina Khan at The New Republic 12-31-2012
  • The currently 509-page Basel III is becoming so complicated and requires such complex supervision that it actually might undermine financial safety rather than prevent future financial crises. Yalman Onaran at Bloomberg 2-2-2013
  • Of the many corporate subsidies from Nascar to Disney, the one for Goldman’s headquarters seems to reek the worst. Matt Stoller at Naked Capitalism 1-2-2013

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