The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly – Week of 7/22/2013


Senate hearing earlier this week on bank holding companies (the designation that GS and MS were granted, and one which JPM already had) and their involvement in physical commodity markets, as a follow up to the bombshell NYTimes article last weekend. Warren and Brown asked very hard-hitting questions, and an academic named Saule Omarova gave some fantastic testimony. Her paper is essential reading.  Some background by Michael R. Crittenden and Christian Berthelsen at The Wall Street Journal July 23, 2013.

Federal grand jury delivers a 41-page indictment to hedge fund SAC Capital for insider trading. Heidi Moore at the Guardian July 25, 2013.

Elizabeth Warren and other democratic senators defy party and hold firm on student loan rates. Tracy Jan at The Boston Globe July 24, 2013.


Recent bombshell New York Times article details how Goldman shuffles aluminum around warehouses, shaving a penny here a penny there, and as a result racks up billions in costs to the public. Not to mention the London Metal Exchange, the regulator here, is filled with bankers from all the major Wall St banks. Next up: Copper. David Kocieniewski at The New York Times July 20, 2013.

Lawrence Summers, sexist proponent of complete deregulation, is the potential frontrunner to head up the FED. What worse candidate is there to pick? A most revealing pick for the supposed lesser of two evils Obama. What gymnastics will establishment liberals do to defend this one? David Dayen at Salon July 24, 2013.

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