Occupy the SEC is a group of OWS activists, financial professionals, lawyers, and concerned citizens who read through the Volcker Rule draft line-by-line. We submitted a public comment letter responding to 244 of the 395 the questions the regulators have posed about the Volcker Rule. You can find our comment letter at http://occupythesec.org


We hold weekly meetings to discuss financial regulations and how we can act to be a light shining on the rulemaking process.



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  1. Other than appropriate attribution and links, are there any requirements for cross-posting OccupyTheSEC’s pieces? (In their entirety?) Please consider this a request (for permission) to republish your latest post over at Daily Kos (in its entirety and as is). In advance, thanks for your response.


    • You may cross-post if you include attribution, all links, and the following statement:

      “The views presented here are solely the views of Occupy the SEC. The statements made here have not been endorsed by the NYC General Assembly, and thus do not represent the Occupy Wall Street movement as a whole.”

      Occupy the SEC

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